Smart City Projects Involving CLS Experts


    Expertise Based Engagements

    ideation to commercial launch, including initial core technology definition and development

  • Smart City Project

    Greenfield Smart City Project, USA

    Project Highlights


    Project Title: 'Greenfield' Smart City Project, Central Florida

    Project Brief Description: An eventual investment of $7.4b in this greenfield smart city project, to be developed in 3 Phases, a place where 30,000+ people will live, work, and play.

    Start Date: March 2020

    Completion Date: Phase 1 - June 2020

    Project Location: Central Orlando, FL, USA


    Consultant(s)/Member(s) Involved: The collective group of CLS professionals, having from 7 years to 35 years’ experience in their respective domains/fields, evaluated, short-listed, and provided high-level integration and implementation plans, and high-level budgets for all aspects of the greenfield smart city project, mixed-use (residential, commercial, hotel, and much more).


    Consultant(s)/Member(s) Role(s) or Contribution(s): Ideation, Branding, Program Management with Architects, Technology Assessment & Selection, Platform Development and Integration with Third-Party Systems and Devices to Create Unified Citizen App, Go-to-Market Team Inputs, Operating Company Organization Set-up and Business Plan, and Construction Plan

    Partnership Collaborations of Significance: Working alongside one of the top architectural firms in some of the top technology multinational technology entities that collectively have operating revenues in excess of $157b annually.


    Business Impact(s)/Result(s)


    Some of the deliverables for this project, which included the work of 18 professionals:

    • A complete 10 year business plan for the OpCo

    • A technology assessment of more than 500 companies having 1000’s of ‘things (devices’), including IoT platforms, and various communication protocols (Wi-Fi, Sigfox, LoRaWan, etc..).

    • A roadmap of services based on what we know today, with flexibility for change as new technology becomes available

    • Evaluation of a floating solar energy solution outputting 14MW, that would connect to the smart grid.

    • Evaluation and planning of the latest mass mobility solutions

    • Complete city wide mesh public wi-fi network enabling citizens to have access to advanced wireless services

    Business Scenario


    Economic development managers across the USA could benefit from this work done


    The development is viewed as a critical component in transforming the region as a sensor technology hub, industry cluster and global center of excellence in the State of Florida – and beyond. Ultimately to bring new, higher wage manufacturing and technology influenced jobs to the region.


    To date, with more than $270 million invested into the project, the primary result being the completion of several building projects, power sub-station, and main spine roads infrastructure.

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    Develop overall concept, plan, branding, strategic partnerships and targets, technology, operating company and profitable sub-brand launches, full plan reports, and presentations to investors, partners and stakeholders.


    Technology and solutions to be vetted and developed included:

    1. Energy Solutions (Solar, Wind, Fossil, etc..) Including working on the construction, and with power company officials to ensure that all systems work with an extensive microgrid platform that integrates into the power company systems and energy storage solutions, and to the various sources of energy.
    2. Mobility Solutions: Autonomous vehicles and other related solutions.
    3. Telecommunications: FttH design, construction, implementation, and operations.
    4. Television  and Broadcasting.
    5. Central Command & Control: Surveillance, Crisis Control Centers, Facial, License Plate analytics, and advanced Edge AI.
    6. Internet of Things (CLS is a Sigfox certified integrator and network operator), BMS systems integration and implementation for residential and office building scenarios.
    7. Datacenter: Design & construction (and near-term implementation) and eventually operation.
    8. Urban Vertical Farm.