• IOT Projects Involving CLS Experts

    Expertise Based Engagements


    ideation to commercial launch, including initial core technology definition and development


    Ensuring that the right technologies, integrated correctly, deliver a cost-effective, reliable, and commercially service to meet market needs

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    Project Highlights


    Project Title: CuraSene (Latin for Caring for Elderly, Pronounced 'Koo-Rah-Seen')

    Project Brief Description: Develop an AI tool that provides visibility into the life of the elderly for those that desire to improve their care.

    Start Date: January 2020

    Completion Date: Launched Q4 '21

    End Date: January 2023

    Project Location: Orlando, FL, USA


    Consultant(s)/Member(s) Involved: Mario J Pino, Shane Robinett, Shekhar Iyer, Ramiro Ruiz, John Larson, Jayakumar Kozhikotte, Pablo Alvarez


    Consultant(s)/Member(s) Role(s) or Contribution(s): Ideation, Branding, Program Management, Technology Assessment & Selection, Platform Development and Integration with Third-Party Systems and Devices, Go-to-Market Team Inputs, Operating Company Organization Set-up and Business/Commercial Plan


    Partnership Collaboration(s) of Significance: Devices (Contact Sensor, Panic Button, Temp/Humidity Sensor, Motion Sensor, Multi-Protocol Home Hub), Multi-Protocol (Zigbee, BLE 5.0, Wi-Fi), Multi-Screen Dashboards, End-Consumer UI/UX)

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    Business Scenario


    Enabling Elderly to Live at Home ('Aging in Place')


    The US has a significant aging population that has doubled as a percentage of the population over the past 30 years. The elderly want to live at home fearing that they will otherwise run out of saved wealth before they have passed. And this is all happening while their children or other caretakers live farther away. Costs for residence in a care facility often outstrip a family’s ability to manage that cost for any extended term of residence. Progressive stages of aging and level of care were required to provide a holistic solution.

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    Without cameras and the creation of an uncomfortable and unwanted surveillance set up, the Curasene Home hub and sensor placement communicates with the cloud platform to follow the activities of the elderly aging in place. The platform self-learns by advanced methods that constantly update and determine each individual home’s “normal” range. Passive data collection providing visibility for caregivers which drive the services for aging in place.

    Business Impact(s)/Result(s)

    • Caregivers provided with meaningful information about how an elderly resident is or has been in past
    • Hub and sensor kit, once installed in elderly resident’s home, provides data on Activities of Daily Living or “ADLs” to care team members (family, home care, doctors, etc.)
    • Optional ‘red alert’ management through a call center will be available as an add-on service, if desired, or can leverage existing call center using supplied dashboards
    • Existing non-medical or medical caregiving agencies who visit the elderly and would like to use technology to better utilize their human resources and drive better care, and existing caregiving agencies that are interested in adopting technology to improve care and transparency with caregivers
    • A new service developed to use advanced “big data” and “deep learning” of elderly’s home activity passively, without intrusive worn-on devices, video, or audio devices