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    Curaco Carebidet

    An innovative automatic toileting system
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    Curaco means ‘the care company’. The Carebidet, an attached personal hygiene device, reflects both the name and the mission of the company dedicated to being a trustworthy provider of healthcare solutions to the ageing. This is a segment of society with a shortage of caregivers that is a significant challenge.

    The Curaco Carebidet is an automatic toileting aid system for the bedridden. This ergonomically designed bidet was created for people with limited mobility such as the elderly, disabled or patients restricted to bed and those with incontinence.

    When the Carebidet’s advanced, built-in sensors detect urine or feces, it automatically flushes the waste away. It rinses and air-dries the person’s body, ensuring cleanliness and comfort eliminating the need for disposable diapers. The device adds comfort to its user and presents an improved way to manage the disposal of waste.

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    The many benefits of the Carebidet

    1. Provides better and more dignified care for the bedridden patient
    2. Improved staff morale by allowing them to focus on care versus frequent cleaning
    3. Reduces costs
    • Cost of diapers alone @ $1 each @ 6 times per day is $2,160 per year
    • Less bedsheet laundry as all of the waste is taken to the unit's collection tank
    4. Less waste
    • More than 55% of hospital waste is from diapers
    5. Increased staff productivity
    • The average amount of time that it takes to care for a bedridden person is approx. 5 hours per day, and with the Carebidet, this could be reduced by 80% due to less frequent cleaning tasks
    6. Effective odor control
    7. Reduced urinary track infections (UTIs) and legions due staying too long in soiled diapers or bedding
    8. Wide adoption could show a positive impact on the environment because using the Carebidet helps to reduce the CO2 emissions from disposal of the soiled diapers. The Carebidet could be one of the first medical devices to potentially qualify for carbon credits and positively impact the organization that adopts the Carebidet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) score.
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    Curaco, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting an overall sense of wellbeing, The company. is becoming a global leader in the senior-care and home healthcare industry by providing compelling solutions to an ageing society.

    Curaco’s unceasing efforts for the past decade have pushed boundaries to attain unprecedented improvement for the Carebidet, satisfying the needs of patients and caregivers with optimal functionality and an easy-to-use design.

    Caregiver and Bedridden Individual Testimonials

    Professional Caregiver


    Patient Profile

    Location: UAE

    Gender: Female

    Age: Mid-60s

    Condition: Early dementia

    Defecation Habit: Enema and laxative

    From the UAE as Submitted: "It was a patient with infectious diseases including diaper rash and fungus caused by the use of paper diapers, and the measures to treat such infections were of great concern in the hospital. After using the device, I found that it cleans urine and stool immediately and air dries the patient's body, which is great. Especially I liked the function called 'autodry' that dries the patient groin area with warm air every one or two hours as it is set, which makes my patient remain clean and fresh all the time, in the long run, I believe that the risk of infection such as diaper rash and fungus would substantially diminish, if not disappear. Moreover, it is awesome that the smell of urine or stool is gone."

    Family Caregiver Testimonial

    Patient Profile

    Location: Japan

    Gender: Female

    Age: Late-60s

    Condition: Level 5 critical care

    Condition: Urinary incontinence, unconscious

    Diaper Change: 6-7 times a day

    Translated from Japanese: "It was not difficult to have the patient wear the device because how to wear was similar to what you do with paper diapers. I used the product both day and night, and it was especially good when I used it after dinner until breakfast in the next morning. Without need of changing diapers during the night, which I usually do every 2 hours. I was able to get a good night's sleep. I've observed the patient to see if she feels uncomfortable while wearing the product, however, as I know she frowns if she is under pressure or sick, there's been no such expressions and she looked comfortable. She drank enough water before she went to bed and then I woke up in the morning and saw that she urinated 23 times. Only after using this device, did I know she urinates so many times during the night. It is great to know that the product is covered by the long-term care insurance and I would be more than happy to introduce this product to others."

    Bedridden Person Testimonial

    Patient Profile

    Location: Japan

    Gender: Male

    Profession: Columnist and freelance writer for newspapers and websites

    Age: Early-60s

    Condition: Fell in 2011, total subarachnoid hemorrhage, level 5

    Translated from Japanese: I got the Curaco Carebidet at my home. I've actually used a similar product about two years ago but it was too big to fit in my bedroom. Curaco, however, is about half the size smaller than the previous one and its tube is as big as a tennis bally would pass through. At the other end of the tube, there is a sleek and curved, thin and long cup, that would cover anus and urethra, with a waterproof cloth diaper cover. When a person wears this cover, it looks like a thick tube is long spread from the inner femoral region. I'd like to control my life! Curaco is a solution that helps to solve toileting problems. With having incontinence, I've been always felt sorry for my family for taking care of my toileting problems. After using Curaco, my family seem to have more time to relax,. When they are going out, wouldn't it be great if you can say "I'll be fine, don't worry about me and go have fun?" Feel comfortable and remain clean! Isn't this wonderful? It fits right into my body without hurting. No leaking. Maintains my private areas clean and fresh. The greatest benefit of all if you use Curaco. Soft skin without odor. What can you expect more? I believe Curaco is a necessity for bedridden patients and will be a great solution for healthcare facilities to make up for their caregiver shortage. I strongly recommend to use Curaco for bedridden patients. It will make life easier for caregivers by reducing burdens of exchanging diapers at night. Not only for healthcare facilities but also at home. I hope Curaco can be well-published and be known, for it to be used widely with affordable price at the end of the day. My family members' caring burden has reduced significantly. Hope they can spend more free time. One might imaging how difficult it would be if one has to wake up many times during the night to carry a patient to toilet, or move him to the wheelchair to clean the dirty bed sheet. Considering all the benefits, I believe Curaco is an awesome product not only for me but for my family as well.