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    Mario J. Pino

    Founder/Business Development, Portfolio Management, Strategy


    Mario has a long career in business both in the US and abroad. The principal driver for Mario is achievement.


    Getting things done often means learning the inside and out of a technical solution or offering. This also is true with a financial or operational situation.


    Mario's network of proven business and technology professionals, as well as a deep understanding of how things work enables Mario to work on projects that range from helping start-ups go from idea to operational independence, or helping established organizations bring new relevant and revenue generating services to an existing customer base.


    Getting things done and delivering the best outcomes to the stakeholders is the goal of every project. Mario can be reached via e-mail (mariop@connectedls.com).



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    Shane Robinett

    Platforms, Technology, Data Analytics, AI, Smart City


    Founder of a number of web-oriented technology platforms, Shane provides a range of experiences that include:

    • Technology team leadership
    • Internet of Things – integrations and innovations
    • Big-Data, Analytics, Visualization
    • OSS/BSS Platforms
    • Gaming, Transmedia technology
    • Guerilla Internet Marketing

    Shane's hands-on experience includes the development and deployment of:

    • Core banking sector systems
    • OTT/Video/ Transmedia management  platforms
    • 'Back-end as a Platform' for Gaming, Health-care & Home Automation IOT Systems
    • E-Commerce engine development, including 'gamification' components

    Shane can be reached via e-mail (shane@connectedls.com)



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    Troy Dillard

    Government Relations, Smart Cities and Alliances


    Troy was a cabinet level executive with 30 years of government service before joining the private sector at the Senior VP level.


    Troy’s experience across both government and private sectors involves the deployment and use of technology to assist in operational environments and transitioning organizational culture from compliance driven to performance driven models.


    Innovation is not something usually associated with government agencies; however, Troy was a pioneer in deploying innovative strategies and initiatives in the space, including the creation of the world’s first legal and regulatory structure for testing and operating autonomous vehicles on public roadways.


    Troy can be reached via e-mail (troy@connectedls.com)



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    Ramiro Ruiz

    Product Management and Go-To-Market, Operations Support


    Ramiro began his career in cable TV and telecom in the early nineties.


    Working with one of the most forward-looking telcos in the world for the majority of his career work, Ramiro was responsible for translating a viable business case into marketable offer.


    Moving an offering from the conceptualization or “brainstorming” phase to the many steps that follow, with the clarity of words and numbers are what he does best.


    Operational planning and launch preparedness were also part of his day-to-day duties, as were follow-up on product launches with changes and course adjustments as needed.


    Ramiro can be reached via e-mail (ruizramiro@connectedls.com)




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    Brian W Wilcox

    Smart City, Cyber Security, Alliances, Strategic Planning, Tactical Execution


    Brian has more than 35+ years experience that includes:

    • Program development, execution & quality architecture ensuring organizations protect & preserve their most valued digital assets
    • Improving product and service quality by reducing risk and overseeing compliance and governance
    • Executive level fiscal planning, oversight, monitoring and execution of large-scale global enterprise solutions
    • Networking and new business alliance & partnership development


    Brian can be reached via e-mail (brian@connectedls.com)



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    Richard Feliz

    TV, Radio, and Telecom Services Planning and Deployment, Dominican Republic Regulatory

    Richard has over 25 years of experience in the television, radio, and telecom sectors.


    Richard’s experience while working with one of the largest radio and television groups in the Dominican Republic, in particular evaluating and leveraging the latest technologies in this segment, had a major impact in being recognized as an innovator in the area of radio and television network planning, implementation, and operations.


    During the next phase of Richard’s professional career, he played a key role within a team at one of the country’s top telecommunication providers to plan and implement their operations in the country, including, directly coordinating the many of the associated regulatory requirements imposed by the government related to both terrestrial wireless and satellite networks needs of the operator.


    Richard can be reached via e-mail (richard@connectedls.com)



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    Jesus R Duarte

    Broadband, Wireless, & Fixed Networks Implementation, & IoT


    Jesus brings 25+ years of management experience in technology and cloud matters in the telecomms industry in México and Central America. He has been involved in business development with sales and integration skills working for highly innovating companies with technologies that include among other areas: IPTV, VoIP, IoT, eHealth, Fiber optic and wireless.


    Jesus has deep understanding of the telecommunications industry and has proven experience at creating, developing and selling integrated solutions for home and enterprise services.


    Jesus can be reached via e-mail (jesus@connectedls.com)

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    John T Larson

    Consumer and Business Technology Services Strategy and Marketing


    John has split his career experience between inside and outside the US. A visionary and creative professional, he is recognized as highly resilient and resourceful.


    With background in marketing agencies, political lobbying and even broadcast television, John went on to guide hugely successful business launches on both sides of the world in technology and media. He has consulting experience across a range of industries and countries always bringing a customer and market-focused approach to strategic and tactical programs.


    Through many adaptations globally in strategies, branding and business growth, John has maintained his ‘mantra’. This includes being ruthlessly customer-centric, visionary, adaptive and agile, commercial, data-driven, open, curious and innovative – and always, with high integrity.


    John can be reached via email (johntl@connectedls.com)



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    Jay Kozhikotte

    Go-To-Market and Outsource Management, Marketing and Creative


    Jay has a long career in retail product distribution and marketing in India, Middle East, and most recently (14+ years) in the USA.


    While in the USA, Jay worked created and implemented the sales and marketing for several start-up companies launching varying products and services.


    Organizationally, as one of the senior consultants of the firm, Jay advises on go-to-market strategies on products and services that have an interest in entering the Asian Markets.


    Additionally, Jay on occasion manages projects that our customers have elected to outsource to firms within India, from creative work to mobile and web development.


    Jay can be reached via e-mail (jk@connectedls.com).

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    Daniela Torrez

    MBA, BSN, RN

    Wireless Networks Deployment, Devices, and Alliances

    Daniela brings over 10 years of rich experience in operational & consultative roles primarily in the healthcare industry. That includes operations, general management & enterprise strategic planning. Daniela also has led & influenced cross-functional teams & C-suite executives.


    Daniela provides a range of experiences that include:
    - leading healthcare related operational infrastructure projects
    - developing & monitoring: strategic plans, KPIs
    - communicating briefs to C-suite executives
    - developing & implementing strategies across a multi-state enterprise


    Daniela is a highly motivated by new challenges and enjoys ‘big-picture’ thinking and challenging the status quo

    Daniela can be reached via e-mail (daniela@connectedls.com)



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    Hilario Gonzalez

    Real Estate, Entertainment and Health Tourism, Conventions and Business Conferences

    Hilario has dedicated much of his life to innovating within the hospitality, entertainment, amusement, tourism, convention center, health, and business conference segments.


    From being part of the opening of Loew's Dominican Republic Hotel in the mid-70s and being recognized for his role there, to working at the 'ideation' and master planning stage of projects within the Dominican Republic, Hilario has been involved at a professional and personal level. For example, working closely with the development teams as one of the first families to occupy a residence at the Disney Celebration community in Florida, this and other projects have been more than just a 'job' for Hilario, but also the building blocks of experience that will serve the next large-scale project to come.


    Hilario's keen understanding of all that is involved in creating the sales strategy of a land development project results in it having a DNA that results in well-defined targets and all parties exceeding the commercial goals of the project.


    You can contact Hilario by email (hilario@connectedls.com)

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    David Velasquez

    Utilities Infrastructure Design & Implementation


    David's experience in international business solutions has taken his career in Power Generation, Transmission and the Utilities Distribution field to some of the largest Power Utilities companies in the United States.


    His hands-on approach to Power/Utilities project management and construction range from, Power Plant Solutions to Utilities Design/Build into project roll out.


    David's skill set in project management from private commercial and the Government Sector with Power Generation, Power/Gas Utilities in Design/Build construction has given him awareness in both timeliness and ecological environmental responsibilities in Power Solutions.


    David can be reached via e-mail (davidv@connectedls.com).

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    Frank Nunez

    Senior Design and Construction Project Manager


    Frank is a disciplined and seasoned Senior Project Manager with over 13 years of experience, including recent projects where he successfully managed the delivery of ground up projects in the design and construction industry.


    Frank is a hands-on professional and has exceptional computer skills with expert level understanding of design technologies and building information data management.


    Frank has managed the production of design packages delivered through an Integrated Building Information Modeling and Cloud Collaboration processes projects, including Themed Entertainment clients.


    Frank has a keen ability to lead project teams in order to successfully achieve the financial goals and project vision of the project owners.


    Frank can be reached via e-mail (frank@connectedls.com)

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    Charles Riggle


    Product Strategy, IOT, AI Robotics, 5G, Strategic Partnerships / P&L Management / Growth Acceleration

    Where others see problems as obstacles, Chuck sees puzzles to be solved.


    Tackling customer business problems means active listening, asking probing questions and developing thoughtful analysis, followed by decisive action. This is Chuck’s superpower.


    Chuck is a growth minded product and business strategy professional with 25 years of leadership experience developing business models and implementing systems encompassing IoT, cloud/edge, ML, and wireless technologies.


    Chuck’s business expertise spans tech startups and F100 enterprises in roles leading product management, marketing, business development and ecosystem management, while serving clients in retail, smart building/city, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, and telecom.


    Connect with Chuck via e-mail (charles@connectedls.com)



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    Shekhar Iyer

    Strategy and M&A


    Shekhar brings over 35 years of experience working in a corporate setting with an emphasis on information technology, planning and analysis, employee engagement, mergers and acquisitions, and platform development.


    As CEO of a mid-size Public Company, Shekhar managed a team of over 1200 employees in the USA and around the world.


    Shekhar's experience enables him to be gold standard of operations, research & development, and company management.


    Shekhar's is an expert in technologies, M&A, software solutions, and application development.


    Shekhar can be reached via e-mail (shekhar@connectedls.com)

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    Tariq I. Bhatty

    Strategic Planning, New Business Start-up, Go-To-Market Plan Execution


    Tariq has more than 30+ years of senior management experience in Telecom and Broadcast Industry. Tariq is a pioneer in the development and marketing of Internet via satellite in Asia.


    Tariq has had extensive engagements involving complex Telecom and Broadcast solutions for different markets in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Eastern Europe.


    Tariq is an innovative operations management professional and a proactive leader with experience in multi-cultural and global environments.


    Tariq can be reached via e-mail (tariq@connectedls.com)

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    Terrence Kamoto

    Business Development, Zimbabwe


    Terrence is senior economist with vast research experience of dealing with large amounts of data that covers any aspect of economic and social policy, both domestically and internationally.


    He has experience with various specialist software and advanced methods in statistical analysis in order to produce forecasts of economic trends and make recommendations of ways to improve efficiency.


    His techniques have helped all types of entities (health, energy, banks, government, consulting, higher education, commercial enterprises, banks and financial institutions, and investment groups).


    Terrence can be reached via e-mail (terrence@connectedls.com)

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    Mike Maier

    Digital Transformation, Infrastructure, Program Management


    Mike is a technology executive/consultant with 30+ years of domestic and international professional experiences. He thrives on solving and architecting the Fusion & Transformation of People + Process + Technology. His experiences include: traditional systems integration and delivery, R&D, client engagements in the business and government sectors.


    Mike has worked with some of the largest names in the U.S. nuclear energy field. Mike was an early innovator and thought leader, building technology solutions to improve business operations, including co-development of the vision for a ‘smart’ connected and information-enabled complex facility site, as well as early cloud computing efforts. More recently, Mike held the position of Assistant VP with a multi-national conglomerate and was a technical leader driving innovative infrastructure solutions, including SMART Cities and IoT solutions and services.


    Mike can be reached via e-mail (mike@connectedls.com)

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    Radhika Thelapurath

    Clinical Consultant


    Radhika is a skilled and knowledgeable biologist with a track record of accurate and reliable results in the lab for over 3 years.


    Radhika has experience with collecting data and conducting experiments for studies in the field of Molecular Biology.


    As a microbiologist, Radhika focuses on the biology of micro-organisms at both the molecular and cellular level, and is an adept and thorough researcher with a meticulous and rigorous approach to experiment accuracy and verification.


    She is able to explain molecular and microbiological concepts to both lay and professional audiences in a clear and accessible manner.


    Radhika can be reached via e-mail (radhika@connectedls.com)

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    Carlos A Paba

    Television and Radio Content Syndication, Creation, Management, OTT Platform and Services

    Carlos has over 20+ years of experience in the television, radio, digital media and telecom arena .


    Carlos experience includes working with two of the largest radio and television groups in Colombia, as well as a leading OTT platform that included: devices, user engagement, and monetization.


    Carlos hands-on experience includes:

    • Content aggregation & syndication, licensing for IPTV/OTT distribution
    • Managing and creating UGC campaigns 
    • Digital Media, implementation of audience interaction technology
    • E-Commerce and go-to-market sales strategy
    • IoT – integrations and innovations
    • Big-Data, Analytics, Monetization

    Carlos can be reached via e-mail (carlos@connectedls.com)

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    Hariprasad Parotil

    Supply Chain Management, Vendor Management


    Hari has over 5 years of experience in diversified global procurement, supply chain and sourcing function. After graduating with an MBA in Marketing from Marshall University, West Virginia, USA, Hari accepted a position with a leading Middle East (UAE) based trading company.


    While there, Hari managed over 800+ SKUs across various domains, and other responsibilities included:

    • Demand Planning, Inventory Forecasting, Optimization, & Stock Replenishment to Maximize Profits
    • Streamlining the overall supply chain functions
    • Logistics operation management
    • Vendor management

    Hari's in-depth experience helps him to ensure that the 'back-office' supports the sales & marketing teams.

      Hari can be reached via e-mail (hari@connectedls.com)

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      Agha M. Altamash Khan

      IT Tech, Expert Researcher for OTT, DTH, TV, Radio & Satellite


      As one of the emerging stars of the CLS team, Altamash's experience supports the experts with research requirements on VSAT and satellite earth stations, data centers, mobile penetration, internet penetration, telecom operators, television stations, and radio stations, commonly use satellite space, DTH, STB (FTA) vendors and providers.

      Agha's ability to learn quickly, document properly what needs to be done, work under pressure, and over deliver is refreshing.


      Altamash can be reached via e-mail (agha@connectedls.com)



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      Ravi Soni Ghaghada

      Start-Ups, Go-To-Market Strategy, IoT, AI, and Enterprise Platforms, Business Development

      Ravi has proven domain expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), working with enterprise level platforms, and has held multiple, leadership roles serving customers across the EMEA and APAC regions.


      Born and bred in the GCC, Ravi understands how to create and manage diverse teams to direct large, complex projects leveraging cutting-edge technology from ideation to go-to-market.

      Ravi can be reached via e-mail (ravi@connectedls.com)



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      Melanie Phanthala

      Project Manager, Product Integrations, Business Development


      Melanie has a long career in hospitality and business development here in the US. The passion for Melanie is customer relations and solutions sleuthing, whatever it takes to make small businesses thrive and strive.


      The ability to understand applications and product integrations enables her to customize client’s business needs to operate seamlessly and to scale up


      Small business thriving through any adversary climate remains the drive of why she is passionate to be a part of Connected Life Solutions team.


      Melanie can be reached via e-mail (melanie@connectedls.com)



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      Marc Eskenas


      Technology and Supply Chain Project Management and Operations

      Marc has a long career in project oversight, and attention to details on projects, with thousands of tracks.


      Working with start ups and major corporations, an accumulation of technical experience and awareness of the latest trends in all things technical are the value that Marc delivers on.


      Marc has managed projects from a dozen to 100's of team members at government projects in 2 states.


      Marc has also held COO positions ensuring that various operations teams that play a key role in supporting sales and customers do their job as efficiently as possible.

      Marc can be reached via e-mail (marce@connectedls.com)



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      Adalberto ('Pablo') Alvarez

      Research, CRM, Lead Management and Tracking


      As one of the youngest members of the CLS team, Pablo's experience supports the experts with research requirements, CRM tracking of opportunities, project deliverable status tracking, and general administrative needs.


      Pablo has worked with the management of CLS on several projects, including most recently a smart city project, and his ability to work under pressure and over deliver is refreshing.


      Pablo can be reached via e-mail (pablo@connectedls.com)

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      John Lynch


      Wireless Networks Deployment, Devices, and Alliances

      John has 20+ years of experience in delivering and cultivating Mobile Data Solutions, Services and Products.


      John has held various organizational roles with Leading and Global organizations including: Vodafone, Verizon Wireless, BestBuy, CompUSA, Radio Shack and several start-up ventures


      John is global thinking individual that has demonstrated the ability to successfully work autonomously in the area of Exploring New Mobile Technology, Pre-Sales, Product Management, Business Development, Program and Project Management and Planning.


      John can be reached via e-mail (johnl@connectedls.com)



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      James Reckitt


      Business Strategy, Financial Modelling, and Supply Chain


      James, or Jimmy as he prefers to be called, has 15 years of experience in supply chain and analysis working for leading global companies. Throughout his career he has held a variety of roles from sales to strategy to operations. He has expertise in managing large-scale RFPs, pricing strategies, and creating budgets for large operational divisions. Jimmy is at his best when facing complex projects, and is adept at implementing solutions that seamlessly integrate people, data, and strategy.


      Jimmy joins the team having recently finished his MBA from the University of Chicago’s prestigious Booth School of Business. He also holds a Six Sigma Green Belt.


      Jimmy can be reached via e-mail (jimmy@connectedls.com)