• Experience as a Service

    A Number of Experienced Based Disciplines to Support Your Project


    Its a smarter world every day

    A baker makes good bread. Mechanics fix cars. Both do so in a business that they are familiar with yet still need guidance on how to do better, as a business. It is a common need they each have that makes sense to seek expert advice on the discipline of business.


    Today, much of the basics on how to run a business is readily available. But there are also many new aspects that are new and if ignored, can be a source of failure. Technology is one aspect that can be overlooked. But it is not just tech related to business that changes, it is technology that surrounds everyone more and more. Smart lights, connected Apps, location awareness, connectivity, the presence of cameras and unseen sensors or data tracking that just keeps growing all around the individual and a business. It is overwhelming but still can be managed.

    Business consulting, with a focus on what technology, connectivity, application and so forth, can have a meaningful impact is what COLife does best. Listening, analyzing, suggesting and continued listening until an answer fits the need.

    Plans & Analysis

    What does it take to build and run. Returns?

    There is a horrendous statistic often quoted about how many businesses start and soon end in failure. It varies but generally it is above 25% and depending on the type of business or other factors, as high as 75%. But its more alarming to know how many businesses don't fail due to reasons like a bad product, service or other circumstance but due to owners not knowing enough about business basics.


    A plan, a budget an ongoing review and most of all, a real knowledge of what it means to show a real "return" on the business investment are missing in many failed businesses.

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    COLife offers a valuable business plan and analysis service that is customized for every client. Owners need not be MBAs to understand basics and key indicators. Its just a good awareness of goals, possibilities that are needed to define success or danger.

    Market Guidance

    Its all about the Four Ps

    Marketing is one of those disciplines that is part science and part art.


    Often confused with "selling", marketing is a combined effort of what are commonly called the 4 "Ps": Product (or service), Placement, Price, and Promotion. reaching the right strength in each of the four elements is crucial to success.

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    How to do this is the mix of science and art that COLife offers its clients.

    Technical Review

    To be of use, technology has to fit, run, do its job and not fail.

    Complex technology simplifies life. How a smartphone makes life easier and more productive today than 10 years ago compares with how the PC did the same 30 years ago. But all that tech gets more and more complex as it does its job.


    Not everyone is going to be an engineer so those who choose to have a career in technology are as much needed for the world as are doctors.

    Reviewing a technical solution is not all. is it the best fit? Will it be compatible? Obsolete when? Efficient? Worth it? Solution is part of COLife's name.

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    Customer Support

    When your problem is our problem, it goes away.

    It happens in an imperfect world. Things go wrong. Human error, technology failure or just a misunderstanding. Support is needed and COLife offers it Also, when things are OK but just require guidance, all forms of support are provided.

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    The gizmos and widgets that we all need to be connected

    Until the day someone creates one thing that does everything, cost $1 and never fails, products that do specific things but can eventually wear out will be sold.


    COLife vets and backs many products it recommends.

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