Check people passively as they enter a space, and, ensure that your space is in compliance to local regulations using various types of thermal imaging, mask detection, and people counting cameras as people enter a space.

    Beabloo's Interaction Care is a Real-Time solution that passively checks people as they are entering a space for elevated body temperature, counts people entering and leaving in order to insure space occupancy compliance, uses artificial intelligence to check for face mask compliance and even age detection to direct at risk people to a different area of your space that is better suited for them, and automatically communicates information to those entering using digital displays.

    Beabloo’s innovative technology solution monitors interactions between people to ensure the social distance required to prevent transmission in enclosed spaces.

    • Uses thermal cameras to measure people’s temperatures to determine if they might have signs of infection.
    • Uses People Counter technology to keep track of how many people enter a space.
    • Ready to use.  It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering and compatible with plug and play IoT devices.
    • Very scalable infrastructure.
    • Combines the functionalities of Beabloo’s Zone Performance and Audience Analytics solutions. Also utilizes Wi-Fi technologies and zenithal camera sensors.
    • Certified and compliant with GDPR privacy standards.
    • A safe, robust, and protected tool with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.
    • Can be used in any enclosed space including retail, businesses, government offices, banks, and airports.
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    Beabloo’s solution is a cloud-based application with some of the world’s most advanced technologies, including its big data and artificial intelligence engine deployed in Microsoft Azure.


    Specific measurements for COVID-19:

    • Measure distance between people
    • Analyze interactions (people, distance and time)
    • Determine risky interactions
    • Identify zones with higher risk
    • New heat maps and ad-hoc reports
    • Real time occupancy metrics
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    How to react in real time to protect clients and employees:


    Step 1. Measure real-time interactions inside and outside the store

    Step 2. Communication and access management


    Outside the store or other location at the entrance:

    • Display messages on screens explaining that access depends on:
    • Occupancy rate, Entry and exit flow, and body temperature checking
    • Display messages that explain the store’s commitment to prioritizing vulnerable people such as the elderly

    Inside the store:

    • Display security messages using audio and video by zone to ensure people keep the proper distance
    • Display security messages to prioritize vulnerable people