Check people as they enter your space by using a 'healthy access' Kiosk which includes 'visual vitals' and is pre-integrated with top access control and workforce management systems

    Invixium's Healthy Access solution is a touchless biometrics Kiosk that provides Healthy, Secure, & Productive Entry to people that are entering a space 

    IXM TITAN can perform contactless Face Recognition, Vital Sign Monitoring and Elevated Body Temperature Detection using a dual camera system, for applications where employee and visitor health & safety is paramount.


    The IXM TITAN is a multipurpose, IoT enabled Kisok-type device that incorporates face recognition and fingerprint or finger vein biometric modalities specific for access control, workforce management and smart building applications. TITAN‘s combination of processing power and solid metal exterior deliver superior performance – authenticating up to 15 faces per minute, making it an ideal solution for high throughput applications in rugged harsh environments.

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    IXM TITAN Kiosk Features:

    • Stunning Design
    • Dual Camera System including a thermographic camera
    • Contactless Face Recognition, Vital Sign Monitoring & Elevated Body Temperature Detection
    • Wall-mount or standing Kiosk
    • Customizable 5.0” IPS LCD with Capacitive Touchscreen
    • Corning Gorilla Glass
    • Presence Detect (Proximity Sensor)
    • Rugged Aluminum Body
    • Mic and Speaker
    • Android Nougat
    • 4G, Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity options
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    Like our other CLS Protecting Spaces solutions, TITAN is cloud based and integrated as part of the ‘Before, at Arrival, Once Inside’ total protection package. Information and analysis is updated and correlated from all devices in seconds.


    Multimodal. Multifactor. Multipurpose.

    The most advanced biometric product ever engineered.

    • High Throughput Facial Recognition & Temperature Detection
    • Multi-Biometrics for Increased Security
    • Employee Time Tracking for Workforce Management
    • Rugged Exterior Enclosure
    • Multipurpose Edge Computing Device