A real-time, remote vital signs monitoring solution that mitigates infection to those inside your space

    ‘Visual Vitals’ is an award-winning and truly groundbreaking technology. It allows for basic and universally accessible health and wellness services for everyone. The simple to use service is delivered through a phone App yet has the potential to define the shape and future of healthcare and wellness. Visual Vitals is a video-based vital signs monitoring tool, delivered with medical-grade accuracy.


    Oxygen saturation, respiration rate, stress level, heart rate and HRV are all accurately measured.

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    Accessible: No wearable – available on any popular mobile device such as smartphones and tablets.

    Accurate: Built and clinically and tested to deliver medical-grade accuracy

    Easy to Use: Detects and measures vital signs just by a person looking at a phone or tablet camera

    Always Available: App runs on phone and does not require an Internet connection

    For All: Supports any age, gender and skin color

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