Continuous Reduction (UV-A) and Elimination (UV-C) of pathogen threats (including the COVID-19 virus) using a light source within a space and keeping people while inside safe

    J.Protect from Juganu

    Constantly protects from virus and bacteria with a unique wide spectrum planar light, even while a space is occupied by people, with UV-A (390nm-400nm, MODE 1 Below). For even faster disinfection of a space and surfaces from viruses, bacteria and germs, using UV-C (265nm-275nm, MODE 2 Below) can be added to the UV-A.


    Continuous cleaning is accomplished by utilizing the Juganu wide-Spectrum light and UVA, and fast disinfection using UV-C in combination but in separate sessions.


    When spaces are empty, unused or temporarily vacant, and thus safe for thorough UVC disinfection, this mode can be activated.

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    Different models of the intelligent light can be deployed using existing lighting grids in the ceiling or hanging, in warehouses, on walls, and any other types of spaces to suit. The Planar lighting technology provides uniform distribution of light and a volumetric cleaning to reach the whole space.

    Juganu Planar Based LED LightCell Technology

    Risk analysis in real time

    Edge Analytics allows image analysis and advanced AI to provide risk assessment in real time. Using integrated discrete cameras and sensors, remote health monitoring can be achieved in a non-intrusive way. Tracking and monitoring individuals to assess behavioral indicators of infections: Panting / sneezing / wiping nose, etc. allow us to alert in real-time

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    The Light that Lights, Sees, Connects, Thinks, Protects

    With Juganu, transform spaces into safe and fully connected environments. The solution:

    • protects against pathogens utilizing UV-A and UV-C to disinfect spaces
      lights utilizing the latest in LED technology
    • sees by leveraging ultrahigh sensitive sensors and cameras (optional)
    • thinks by using edge-based AI together with an adaptive platform that combines intelligent three-dimensional layers of data into a neural network
    • connects through a next generation wireless network
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    Attack both the droplets and the virus by using multiple wavelengths at the same time

    The ‘Juganu Mix’ of pathogen-killing wavelengths breaks down the protective droplets which the virus travels in to then easily neutralize and eradicate the virus.