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UV-C Enclosures for Things? Why not Lights that CONTINUOSLY DISINFECT everything SAFELY using UVA?

Lab proven results showing 99.9% eradication of all types of pathogens

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Using UVC safely and appropriately is imperative. That means when no people are present. Like chemical cleaning in hospital operating rooms which effectively kills pathogens, you don’t want to take a bath in those chemicals. Using an enclosure for cleaning a simple, inanimate object, like some equipment in a locker room or your phone can be useful. Bathing yourself in UVC light is not a good idea AT ALL.

Before I continue, for those that are not aware, any UVC that is available on this planet is MAN MADE, as UVC is blocked by the Earth’s Ozone.

Therefore, let’s understand the critical facts. Cheap, UVC wands and lights have been popping up everywhere as defense against COVID-19. The good news is that UVC DOES eradicate pathogens. The CAUTION is that any prolonged exposure to ANY UVC wavelength is harmful to living things as well, including YOU!

UVA and UVC light created by the sun are the types of light that if harnessed, can help us with the fight. As with most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to safely utilize UVC and UVA light to effectively create healthy and clean environments to protect you and mitigate any risk of infection from COVID-19, and any other viruses, pathogens, germs, and bacteria.

First, use UVC only when no people are present and directly affected by this type of light. It has already been proven to be effective in thorough cleaning, but NOT SAFE for extended human exposure (>4 minutes).

UVA light however, is safe for people and we are bathed in it every day by natural sunlight. When harnessed correctly, as we can demonstrate and prove, it is JUST AS EFFECTIVE at thorough cleaning, and perfectly safe for people. This correct mix emitted by a disruptive LED LightCell makes the UVA light safer than natural sunlight by utilizing only a particular mix of wavelengths in the UVA spectrum. The key is in harnessing the wavelengths that make up UVA light to utilize those that provide the desired cleaning and pushing them through the right LED LightCell.

A person can spend an 8-10 hour day working under the correct mix of UVA light and it is roughly the equivalent of getting about a minute of sunlight. Like a short walk to the sandwich shop for lunch. But, NOT ALL UVA lights are created equal, and getting the right mix of healthy and effective wavelengths is a breakthrough that we have only seen in one place.

The constant cleaning under this proprietary UVA light mix, that is part of the J.Protect Allegro fixture, has been proven to eliminate 99.99% of all pathogens, bacteria, germs, yeast, mold, etc. Then, if quick cleaning is required, the UVC light, which is also part of the J.Protect Presto fixture, can be used when the space is empty for quick cleaning (5-15 minutes). UVC is effective for spot or scheduled cleaning, but not for continual cleaning.

This applies to every indoor situation, and speaks to the need for safe, clean, virus-free spaces for all businesses, staff, and the customers they want to serve.

Most of us want to be able to resume life, business operations, and daily activity with some degree normalcy and certainly a feeling of safety and security. If I enter a space healthy, I would hope that I am entering a clean and safe space providing confidence that I will leave as healthy as when I came in.

Simply put, there is a way to protect these spaces and provide a pathogen-free environment for people to enter safely and confidently, and it is time to take action for the benefit of all.

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